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Tender Triage

What does a great tender response look like?

What happens when you submit a tender to win new business? How many times do you win? How many times do you get told the reason you lost is “price”?

Let me give you a tip from a Procurement Specialist. “Price” is not usually the reason you lost, unless your price was ridiculously high. If you were competitively priced, then your offer wasn’t sufficiently compelling in some way.

An independent review is always a good idea when the stakes are so high. To put so much effort in to not win is a waste of time, resources, and money.

Get your past tenders reviewed today and learn from a pro what you can do to improve them so next time you stand a better chance of winning.

“Your tender was the most comprehensive, and best written, that we have ever seen”Feedback one of our clients received
Are you winning less than 6/10 of your tenders? If not, why not use the new year to take a fresh look at your old documents.

Are they professional looking? Are they succinct and well-written? Are they compelling?


No matter how good your tenders are, there’s always room for improvement.

We can look at your documents you typically submit (or have submitted in the past) with fresh eyes, and show you where you may be going wrong, and how you can improve.


Even if you have been somewhat successful with your proposals and tenders in the past, we can all improve our bids. Now is the time to do it, making productive use of the downtime to be better prepared for when times improve.

“Independent, unbiased feedback on our submitted tender has been invaluable. We thought we had been doing tenders well, but seems we can do a lot better and improve our chances of success!”
Karen H.
Manager – HSQE & Systems
If you don’t wish to engage a tender writer to prepare your tenders for you (this will cost a minimum of $3-4k for a small quote, prepared by anybody who is half good), then consider engaging a specialist to review a past bid and tell you where you might improve your offer.

We will provide you, over a virtual meeting, with a detailed list of elements you can improve to make your next tender more compelling. We will walk you through a past response that you sent us, answering questions, providing examples, and offering suggestions.

By taking action now you will have time to work on your bidding collateral and knowledge. This will significantly improve your chances of winning new business when things start to improve.

In a one hour session, we will provide you:

1. A brief written report of how well your tender response scored against best-practice elements
2. A detailed walk through and explanation
3. Some examples of what good could look like, and how you could improve that part of your response.

To provide this,
we will need:

1. A copy of your response, and the original tender
2. A minimum of three days to prepare
3. You to connect with us via Zoom (you will need a computer, laptop or tablet with a camera and sound)

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