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Relax, we've got your tender covered!

When Sue was working as a Procurement Professional for Government and large corporates, she observed that the general standard of tender responses was pretty poor. Companies were losing opportunities because they submitted responses that failed to articulate their value, were wordy and difficult to read, and didn’t address the criteria sufficiently.

She started BidBuddy to help companies improve the way they submitted tenders, to help businesses win more businesses and grow their revenue.

Sue challenges the myth that you must submit the cheapest tender in order to win.

While price is certainly a factor, it isn’t the only criteria that companies use. Relationship, trust, and perceived value are all just as important, and often override the decision to take the cheapest option.

This is reflected in the results we obtain for our clients.

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We have served clients based in the following locations. Perth, Adelaide, Karratha, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Kalgoorlie, Singapore, England, South Aftrica. Distance is not an issue.