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Bid/No Bid Assessment


Step 1: Bid/No Bid Assessment

Responding to a RFT/P is a stressful, time-consuming and expensive process. Best practice (and the most commercially sensible) dictates that you choose which tenders to bid for knowing you at least have a good chance of winning. Many companies conduct a “go/no go” or bid/no bid assessment and we have developed a tool to help you make the best decision for your company.

Detailed Win Probability


Step 2: Detailed Win Probability

If you are still not sure……then our detailed win probability calculator is a longer questionnaire designed to assess the probability of winning against several key criteria.
Bid Budget


Step 3: Bid Budget

It is a good idea to understand the cost of submitting a tender, since time is money and taking the time to prepare a response is taking you and your staff away from their day-to-day activities. If the cost of responding exceeds the available profit then you should re-think whether it is worth spending the time.
Bid Planner


Step 4: Bid Planner

How many days do you have left? Remove the stress of responding by ensuring the response proceeds according to plan. This super-simple tool will tell you when key milestones should be met.
Win Strategy


Step 5: Win Strategy

Are you needing some ideas on how to respond and what to emphasize? This simple tool will help you develop a win strategy that helps you to hit the mark. Designed to make you think in terms of the client, this tool will provide guidance on what will matter and what to focus your response on.

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Win Strategy

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