Tendering Services

We help you win more lucrative contracts that are let through the tendering process.

We can:

  1. write your tenders for you;
  2. show you where you can improve; or
  3. teach you how to write and submit compelling bids on your own.

Tender:  “A formal written offer to contract goods or services at a specified cost or rate; a bid.

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We don’t just produce
great looking documents.
We help our clients win!

We are quite different from most tender writing
companies. For starters we are not just
marketing gurus, technical boffins or copy
writers. We are all that and more.

We started in procurement, so we know how buying decisions are made on the “other side” . We still work in
procurement, from time to time, to keep our
hand in. We are also Master NLP Practitioners
and management consultants.

80 Win Rate

+80% Win Rate

Our strategic approach and use of psychology is your secret weapon

24 x 7 Availability

24 x 7 Availability

We work as cohesive team around the clock

All Locations

All Locations

With the power of technology, distance is no longer an issue

All Industries

All Industries

We have deep experience with Government, Health, Education, Mining, Supply Chain & Logistics, Oil & Gas, Construction, Industrial Services and ICT in particular

Two Ways To Improve Your Tender Writing


Do It Yourself

If you want to do it yourself, since you have time, join up and use our professional resources

  • free course
  • free templates
  • free articles
  • best resouces

We Do It For You

No time? Don’t know what to do? Don’t win enough? Let us write your tender responses for you 

  • strategy and planning
  • tender training, advice and coaching
  • tender preparation and management
  • polishing and content uplifting


How To Write Your
First Tender Response

If you want to respond to a request for a tenders, but
don’t know how or where to even begin, then this
free course is for you



No Tender is Too
Big or Too Small

The most common question we get, how much it will cost?

Why don’t you try our Bid Budget Calculator to see how much you should realistically invest to prepare and submit that tender. It will help you determine how much of that you are able to spend on getting some outside help.

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Let’s Win Some


Nobody can guarantee you will win when you submit your tender or proposal. Anyone who says that is either lying to you, or is engaged in something shady.

What we can promise you is that you will be given the very best opportunity possible to win. And if you have conducted your business development right, it can be new business, which equals growth!


Have a question? Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get asked by people who don’t know us

Have you ever written a tender for [XYZ] industry?

Short answer is “probably”. We have written successful tenders in a wide range of industries, including health, construction, resources, government, industrial services, hospitality, you name it. Our international experience extends across a number of countries.

The longer answer is “it doesn’t matter”. While some think it does, the evaluation criteria are common across all industries, and there is a structure and format to all responses. We get the technical details from you, and transcribe them into responses that sell you best. Whatever industry you are in.

How can you help us?

It depends on your budget, and the value of the tender you are responding to. In some cases, the opportunity isn’t high-enough value to justify paying a professional. So we recommend that you instead invest 2 hours and watch our free course.

Our service offerings can be found here. We can coach you, do it for you, or clean your document up at the end.

If you want to have access to a range of resources, you can purchase them individually, or sign up to a membership for more ongoing value.

If you would like instead to have a discussion, call us, or book a free no strings attached consultation at a time convenient to you.

How do I engage a good tender consultant?

Ask around and see who uses who. Check out their referees. Talk to them. Select the one you feel the most confident in.

While you can’t ask for samples of their work, you can check out their website. If it is boring, lifeless and dull, chances are their tenders will be equally boring, lifeless  and dull.

Don’t be fooled by “qualifications”. Good tender writing relies on a wealth of experience and talent, not just education and skills.

This is a business where you definitely get what you pay for. Don’t fall for the cheapest, as you can be assured they will not be able to spend the time necessary to do anything more than an adequate job.

You can check out our our actual feedback here.


What do you charge?

We don’t give a price out over the telephone, nor do we quote a job unseen.

If you are really interested, talk to us first, and send us a copy of the tender you are interested in bidding for.

If you would like a ball-park budget estimate, check out our calculator to work out how much to set aside and what is “too much” to spend on getting your tender written (i.e. the point at which your costs exceed your desired profit).

Help, I've run out of time. Can you help me?

Writing a good tender response takes many, many hours of work. For first-timers with a simple tender, at least 30-40 hours, and more if we are looking at a large, complex job.

So the short answer is “yes, probably”. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

It's a lot of money for something I may not win

Ever seen what lawyers charge to represent people in court where anything can (and does) happen? Do most people represent themselves?

You aren’t paying us to concoct a story that will persuade the buyer. You are paying us to represent your story in its best possible light.

Check our our bid/no bid calculator to assess your chances. Don’t use “hope marketing”. If you don’t have the story, don’t bid.

And do talk to us about flexible arrangements.

Do you find tenders for us?

No, we rely on you to do that ground work. Let us refer you to our good friends Australian Tenders. Sign up for a $100 discount code to help you on your journey. And don’t forget to come back to discuss your opportunity when you find it.

Why can't we just use ChatGPT to prepare our response? I've heard it's very good for writing?

So many people are on the ChatGPT cruisade.

Knock yourself out. Use an online tool to write generic content that it sourced from somewhere else. Use that to represent you, your business, and your service offering. Use that to convince a buyer that you are the perfect supply partner for them.

Don’t get me wrong: ChatGPT is good to get yourself started when you have absolutely no idea what to write. It gives you a great structure, that it pinched from somewhere else. But to suggest that it can write laser focused on-point persuasive content is a dangerous assumption.

What ChatGPT lacks, and will always lack, is discernment. It cannot create new, it can only repurpose already referenced material, which is at least a couple of years old.

We don’t use ChatGPT. For two reasons: (1) everybody else will, so they will all take on the same grey hue in a competitive setting; and (2) we don’t need to. We know what we are doing and ChatGPT doesn’t cut it.


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